Tue. May 21st, 2019


How it all started.

I played UO from 1999 until maybe about 2008, with a few breaks in there. First on Europa, later became xshard trader.

I didn’t particularly care for simple roleplaying , but I just have to say…
UO in those first couple of years, was the most fun I’ve had playing an MMORPG.
No game before or since got my heart pounding the way UO did. But this changed with Legends of Aria.

In the beginning I managed to get a small house near mountain and during a period where it was hard to find spots to get a house placement in good location.

Back then you actually had to watch out for people killing you or stealing from you. Running from PKs were the times where my heart raced the most… trying to make sure they didn’t kill me. I ended up going to some of the great places on Europa that was back then, there was Deepwater Training School, where there was a some PvP going on in those days.

Started trading by standing at Britain Bank, learning about supply and demand. What people needed and how to get it. A lot of stock also came from doing idocs (In danger of decay houses) there was a lot of gold to be made getting some great things without investing any gold, just time. In the beginning idocs took some time to understand, with the time between change of state till it actually dropped. But with time I learned the secrets to it all, and didnt have to stand and wait for many hours, as I had done soo many times before.

Later when shard transfer was added to the game, I started going to the Asian shards, because they had a lot of items and it was easier to build up a good stock. I became really great at finding the good shops, I was able to get what really sold fast and could do 3-4 trips a month. At some point there was a lot of duping going on and being a x-shard trader with a good amount of stock I got blamed for having duped items. But I just bought it off vendors and shops on other shards. Later on some of the people in my “trading network” had access to a lot of duped items, and if people needed it I didnt mind being middleman. Since back then duping was happening all the time. It ended bad with a ban for my accounts. All I had build up was lost, I was lucky that I could start over under different name and keep going. But with the many people who got banned, and the start over, it was hard to get profits and stock when not having enough gold to keep up with the higher end item demand. I went back to trading less and doing idocs. Started to deal in rares for some years, enjoyed playing the game under different name. I had chars called “Europa Trader” was the last one I played with in UO.

The day I actually stopped playing the game, was because the amount of active players on Europa was getting low. Everyone who traded was getting stock from Asian shards or duped items. Atlantic became the shard to play on if you wanted to do trades, and there was a lot of competition. Less items and profit to go around.

I tried PvM, PvP, crafting and trading in UO, but what I enjoyed most was trading and collecting rares.