Tue. May 21st, 2019

Lottery on Crimson Sea #1 Drawing this Sunday *UPDATE*



You buy a number from one of the two chests in this case from 1-100. The lockbox represent a lottery ticket. The lockbox is locked and inside the box is a code to verify that its an original ticket. Tickets cost 1g per.
The first drawing is Sunday 17th at 20:00 GMT+1. (Sales of Tickets stops 30min before if not already sold out) The drawing will happen with a random number generator from the Lottery system on Random.org. The drawing will also be streamed. The prize for the lottery is Jester Hat. In case the winning ticket number is not sold off vendor then we will keep drawing until a winning ticket is found.


Due to sold out of tickets there will be added an new top prize. Winner will now get a Founders Cloak. While the Jester Hat will still be in play. There will be drawn two numbers. So where will be a chance to win 2 prizes

Winner will be announched on Discord aswell as on www.full-gaming.com.

Winner can contact me on

Discord Done#0744



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